Industrial AI Platform for data-driven optimization, predictive maintenance and analytics

Optimize asset operation and utilization

Predict potential component failures

Derive operational and maintenance insights

Make your data work for you!

The advent of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) has led to the generation of more data than ever before. This transformation creates an opportunity to leverage data to address Industry challenges. Our solution, Prognotron™ makes it possible to extract value from existing data with little or no modification to existing systems. Prognotron™ is a unified software platform that provides an array of intelligent modules to serve a wide range of industries in the form of end-to-end AI solutions. It’s a simplified business model, and modular product design allows our clients to deploy Prognotron™ locally or at scale as an enterprise solution. The core AI engine of Prognotron™ combines state-of-the-art deep learning models with proprietary data processing and optimization algorithms. Modular nature of the software allows for customizable AI components and industry-specific optimization. Prognotron™ is data-driven and agnostic to underlying systems. This core framework enables packaged AI solutions for several industries, including logistics, energy, mobility and manufacturing.
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Prognotron™ for Data Analytics​

Many industries face challenges in making their data relevant for machine learning applications. Prognotron™ helps to tackle issues including data labelling and tagging, pre-processing (cleaning, noise removal, normalization) and synthetic data generation for image and text data. This module will also include simple tools for exploratory data analysis and a platform for visualizing the data.​

Prognotron™ for Energy Optimization​

Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) take up a high proportion of the energy costs of buildings. Prognotron™ uses existing data collected from Building Management Systems (BMS), in addition to other data such as weather, and building occupancy rate, for optimizing the performance of chiller plants. The optimization is primarily achieved through set-point prediction and sequencing of chillers based on health, efficiency and usage statistics.

Prognotron™ for Predictive Maintenance​

Unexpected breakdown of equipment is a significant risk factor for most Industries. Prognotron™ utilizes data from industrial sensors, maintenance logs, and human inputs, to determine fault conditions and predict potential component failures long before they occur. The custom AI components designed for this task, including imbalanced data handling and an ensemble of expert models, have been validated with industry partners. ​

Prognotron™ SaaS​

The Prognotron™ SaaS integrates components from the Data Analytics, Energy Optimization and Predictive Maintenance modules into an end-to-end deployable structure. This module assists engineers or data scientists employed at companies, who can pick and choose relevant components in the module and develop their own data analytics solution. For tasks which require more AI expertise or enterprise-grade integration, the Aruvii team can help bridge the gap by providing a customized solution.​

Prognotron for Data Analytics

Data Preparation, Analytics Engine and Visualization
July 2019

Prognotron for Energy Optimization

Chiller Plants Optimization
October 2019

Prognotron for Predictive Maintenance

Automation, Manufacturing
December 2019

Prongotron SaaS

Generic AI Engine with Use-Case Specific modules to serve multiple industries
March 2020

A platform customizable to industry specific challenges!

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