About Us

"A creative team, focused to digitize industries with ready-to-use AI Solutions"

– Our Vision –

Empower Enterprises through Intelligent Automation

– Our Story –

“We are a deep-tech startup, driven by advanced research and development stretching the boundaries of what is possible. Through several years of research and engagement with companies from different industrial sectors, we identified the need for intelligent solutions to address two major challenges: achieve predictive analytics capabilities to improve resource management and improve energy efficiency for process operations. Our product, Prognotron™ is a unified software platform that provides an array of intelligent modules to serve a wide range of industries in the form of end-to-end AI solutions. We strictly maintain modularity in our product design and offer simple business models to help clients from if any size to deploy our product at any scale.”

The meaning of 'Aruvii'

The name ‘aruvii’ (அருவி/ അരുവി) means stream in languages from Southern India. Like the stream, data too is powerful, essential and flows through different systems, picking up important information on the way. The team chose this name as our business operations are characterized by the amount of value generated from streams of data.

The Team

Dr. Rethnaraj Rambabu


Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat

Cofounder & Technical Advisor

Vishnu Vadakkepat

Data Scientist

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